travel day 2 – crab pot night

Day 1 PS
despite the hazy day, I’d say things were ok. I still had a jetlag nagging me a bit, but busy schedule kind of shifted minds away 🙂
lunch were taken at the local teriyaki place near office. for a price, food was great; in both quality and quantity! I’d dare say it (I had mandarin crispy beef; kind of like tangsuyuk) was actually better than regular you’d have in Waterloo (maybe Toronto too). hehe and as usual, unfortunately, no food pic to prove this.

for a dinner, we went to crab pot. it’s a neat place beside the pond; perhaps giving you more of this seafood restaurant atmosphere. well at least the sense of it, I mean food itself was good; I’d say experience itself was better. all the crackings and smashings 🙂

and then, there comes day 2. let there be work!

travel day 1 – waking up in bellevue

they say it’s sleepless in seattle, and I think they might be right; woke up at 3:30AM (PDT)!
darn this body clock of mine trying to wake me up.
it’s like saying, “master please wake up, why are you still in bed?”

had hit the gym (small fitness centre) to freshen things up, and voila it’s time to work.

day 1, oct 20th, 09:
it’s foggy in seattle today.
me thinks hyatt hotel is pretty nice. 🙂
too bad nearest pay phone was somewhat hectic to find

travel – bellevue, wa

travelling down to Bellevue for the next several days; not personal trip so I doubt I’ll have much joy out of it. but well, it’s still a trip. will try enjoying it 🙂

(yup, this monologue is more suitable for facebook or twitter; but I kind of moved away from them these days…)

[reading] The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell

how little things can make a big difference: just not you

Still reading it; I might change the heading to “after thought” or something once I’m done with it.
My preliminary review? Here is my brief three point summary, if I may, that is:

– there are three types of people who can tip “things”
– but you (you as in most of the readers) can’t do that; or you aren’t one of them three
– as such, you can’t tip “things”

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[after thought] Lost Symbol – Dan Brown

apocalypse, the revelation. end of the world as we know it.

first of all, (as if someone cares much about it :)) my single line summary (or so called after thought, or impression per se) of the book?

To me, the twisted ending of the book isn’t as satisfying as the other two books: “Da Vinci Code” and “Angels & Demons” I’ve blazed through previously; but I certainly did enjoy (somewhat unexpected) moment of jumping-up-from-the-chair followed by “oh wait… my god. really?”

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