[reading] The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell

how little things can make a big difference: just not you

Still reading it; I might change the heading to “after thought” or something once I’m done with it.
My preliminary review? Here is my brief three point summary, if I may, that is:

– there are three types of people who can tip “things”
– but you (you as in most of the readers) can’t do that; or you aren’t one of them three
– as such, you can’t tip “things”

I don’t know. I just had to rant a little. “Blink” was the first book I’ve read, of his book that is. “Blink” fascinated me, literally in a blink. (yes, I kind of love psychology ;))

But, not “The Tipping Point”.
It hasn’t fascinated me; I don’t know if it will. The book tends to repeat itself here and there, leading into rather ok-I-get-it kind of moment(s). Of course repetition itself hasn’t bothered me much; besides these repetitions, as they argue actually help remembering things much better.

What bothers me is the thought of “oh these people are so special and different. Ordinary people like you won’t understand” kind of stuff. When I read a book, I do it for information; fascination; inspiration; entertainment; (indirect) experience and etc. Why would I spend time reading books to hear about others’ glamorous lifestyle and learn about how “they” affect “my” life and such; well in some senses, yes, they are somewhat important you could say. I just don’t want to “read” another reality television shows, if you know what I mean.

Well… perhaps it’s just me; one of those yet another random rants. I’ll see if my opinion changes at all at the end of the book. So far though, not recommended; read “Blink” if you want Gladwell’s book.