[after thought] Lost Symbol – Dan Brown

apocalypse, the revelation. end of the world as we know it.

first of all, (as if someone cares much about it :)) my single line summary (or so called after thought, or impression per se) of the book?

To me, the twisted ending of the book isn’t as satisfying as the other two books: “Da Vinci Code” and “Angels & Demons” I’ve blazed through previously; but I certainly did enjoy (somewhat unexpected) moment of jumping-up-from-the-chair followed by “oh wait… my god. really?”

My recommendation? I’d still recommend reading it, but not necessarily buying a hardcover one for collection or some sort. It certainly is a good book; just not one of my favourites.

I… do admit it has been quite some time since I’ve put so much effort into reading a book. “Lost Symbol” definitely has its unique hook. If I were allowed with an infinite strength like tireless eyes and all, then I might have read the book non-stop to find out the ending. The development of the story itself is just that magnificent and has oh-I-can’t-put-my-book-down kind of appeal.

Ending itself (like 2~3 chapters of the book) on the other hand though “was” a bit flat for me; flat as in, I just couldn’t hang in there any more and all the excitements I’ve build up myself just got flattened out. Perhaps I’ve had too much hype about the ending and epilogue.

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    1. (just between you and me) it’s been ages since I’ve actually read “a” book 😉 hopefully I can keep up with new books coming out 😀

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