when someone shops for a clothing…

Note that I’m no (nowhere near) marketing expert nor professional business analyst. All the remarks followed by are purely personal (open) thought.

I’ve been trying to wrap up The Tipping Point; first chapter wasn’t the best (like I complained previously), but subsequent sections have been a blast so far. Especially, I’ve enjoyed reading up sections where it talks about skateboarding brand against mainstream market and how it just destroyed itself.

Speaking of which, I wouldn’t dare consider myself non-mainstream consumer, for many of the product types that is. So it may sound ironic that I try to advocate uniqueness, and personalities throughout. That is why I will be focusing more on certain subject only.

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travel ps. – quick snapshot

not much of a photographer myself, I wouldn’t dare call myself as such anyway.
but of few of them I took, below is the snapshot of hyatt hotel view from distance.

hyatt hotel view from (near) bellevue square
hyatt hotel view from (near) bellevue square

now that I’m back in canada; waterloo
back to reality now 🙂

travel day 3 – last night at bellevue

tonight’s going to be the last night (of the trip) at bellevue. haven’t had chances to visit that many places (well I know, it’s not like I’m here for sightseeing or anything), but so far it has been great: new people, new ideas and new possibilities.

things might get slowed down a bit through the day; I did have a quick walk around the hotel early in the morning so I won’t have much regret 🙂

flight scheduled for tomorrow 8 in the morning (PDT). it’s going to be yet another hectic night/morning 😀