Useful (perhaps) IT related sites

I used to be really hardcore about learning new technologies. Nowadays, it’s just plain hard to catch up once you lose the ‘flow’; well pretty much I got overwhelmed by horde of information slowly and lost track of how everything has worked out since then.

For those who want to catch up the tide for their career paths or perhaps just for fun, I have listed out some useful sites that should provide enough information to start with: at least I think they are useful, but some people might think different, so feel free to shout back to me.


when I say, professional, I do not mean others are non-professional or amateur. Rather I mean most, if not all, articles are professionally written by IT professionals or columnists: these people are just used to writing so many papers, and that is all I meant.

Dr. Dobb’s –
Dr. Dobb’s is one of my favourite magazines: by far the best Software magazine I could find, though it is just ridiculously hard to find.

PC Magazine –
PC World –
I will not say much about these two sites. Both PC world and PC Magazine are popular computer magazines in the world, I think; well perhaps at least in North America.

User Oriented:

If you are tired of reading commercially driven articles, then user oriented forums or sites might relax you a bit. Besides it is always fun to read user’s comments, sometimes absurd and entertaining.

Slashdot –
By far, the largest technology related and user oriented site in the world. This site is really really fast paced, so if you want to keep it up with its pace, you should start reading right now.

PS. I will try to update this post regularly, but cannot promise though. 😀